Active-wear "Shamanic"

Active and Beachwear collection. EWST fashionlab original digital print  is based on Artworks  created under the influence of ancient Siberian petroglyphs and cliff engravings that had been discovered by us during several memorable travel trips across South Siberian region. 

Fabrics & Materials: knitted and woven cotton-polyester, elastic tape, digital print

Active Beach-wear
Active-wear "Shamanic"
Knitted Summer dresses
Casual active-wear
EWST Active Summer-wear
Colorful Swimming suit
"Sun and ocean water are blended together. Sand and blue sky. Waves caress the seashore. Ocean is breathing, lifting its chest as a sleeping giant... Endlessness of time and disappearing shortness of  single moment. Accumulation of power is invisible yet joy fills up your whole being reinforcing the spirit."
Imagination brings you onto remote tropical beach and you feel pure energy flows.
The colors of collection are intense and engaging, the cut supports free motion.
There is magical point where all elements assemble – the water, the sun, the sand, the body, and the clothing. All are involved into overwhelming interaction