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Project based draping classes online

Draping online classes are project based sessions tailored according to your skills level and the goal which you want to achieve through your learning. For example – draping a particular dress style from a sketch or from a photo, the process is ending up with the set of patterns. Manufacturing advice is also included.

Besides, you may consider creating the whole fashion collection which includes several items (projects). Read about Fashion Collection Course.


In order to enroll into project based draping classes you will need to share the images of your current and previous work.  Then we will invite you for short informal interview /meeting online. Please inquire about these classes:


Note: Project based draping classes are delivered privately through Zoom meeting.

Project based draping classes online

Draping and tailoring classes, Francesca, US

Bamboo pleating online class

Bamboo pleating, Marlene, US

Fashion collection dresses online class
Fashion collection online course

Fashion collection course, Flora, US

Draping&pleating online class

Pleating, Aida, UAE

Fashion collection and dresses project, Pavani, India

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