Fashion Design capsule course

Five project-based workshops: Skirt, Shirt (Blouse), Dress, Pants, Jacket


Full tutorial time: 60 hours

Tutorial time: 12 hours for each project

Self- Directed: 12 hours for each project


Series of project-based workshops enable you to start with Fashion Design through developing simultaneously both technical and research skills. You will be focused on three essential garments: Skirt, Shirt, Dress, Pants, and Jacket. Each project based workshop is dedicated to the one garment; you will learn how to research and make your own design, explore fabric, and construct patterns by using drafting and or draping techniques.

For the inspiration we encourage you to investigate various resources such as history of costume, visual art, and samples of Fashion masterworks. At the end of each workshop you have to present one completed garment and shortly introduce your creative journey.

These workshops are designed for anyone interested in Fashion Design and require no prior knowledge. Whether you’re student, designer or you just want to learn more, we welcome you to join our workshops. You can take full course or,optionally, by parts as you wish