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Exploratory Fashion Workshops

Your Creativity, Our Guidance!

Courses & Workshops

We encourage students to explore their design ideas from generation stage to its final implementation. We work with each student individually in order to uncover students potential and specific design interest

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Waste-escape avant-garde: Unconventional pattern approaches


This workshop addresses the need for enhanced creative pattern cutting skills and expertise. You will learn several hands-on approaches to Waste-escape design. At the end of the workshop' series you will produce partial and full-scale garment samples for further development. Learn more

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Series of workshops originally developed by Elena Ryleeva present Advanced Draping techniques

Advanced Draping for Fashion Designing, intensive course


Draping is an art of manipulating fabric, the artistic medium that a fashion designer applies directly on the dress form. Although there are some rules to follow, you can effectively use your own imagination and inventiveness. Draping course equips you with hands-on draping skills that will help to translate your creative ideas into a garment. Read more

Advanced Draping: Jacket Design
Dior jacket/ YSL tuxedo

Fashion Draping Basics, Intermediate, and Advanced

All 3 levels are available online



Couture Tailoring: Jacket / Coat / Dress &Gown - 48 studio hours per garment

Note. Basic sewing skills are required for this courses, fabric for the garment is paid additionally or brought by the student

The course includes making a garment prototype for a customer (Pattern-making + fittings and pattern correction)

EWST fashionlab workshop provides guidance through fashion collection process to its realization
Fashion Collection - from concept to implementation
On-line / Off-line


This course has helped many students to create formidable fashion collections that were displayed on Fashion Weeks/Design contests. See course details

Students work and Testimonials

Fashion Portfolio

On-line / Off-line


You will be guided through all fashion portfolio requirements with focus on fashion drawing, fabric manipulation, or technical skills.

Practical fashion history workshops invented and developed by Elena Ryleeva
Fashion History


Series of interactive lectures that present Fashion History throughout ages. You will learn about styles and shapes of costumes from Ancient Greece and Egypt to Modern time by coming across Rome and its Empire, by exploring Dark Ages and Renaissance, by watching extreme opulence of Louis XIV court, by marching with Napoleon troops …

Fashion and Subculture of 20 century workshop will equip you with knowledge of modern and contemporary Fashion history and its close interconnection with subculture. You will navigate through the turbulent 20th century with its ups and downs where Fashion and Art played a crucial role in constructing social and individual identity hand by hand with flourishing underground and subculture scene.


Fashion history free short course

Art History short trek


-The course gives a dynamic overview of art movements and works of individual artists
-provides a road map of “human creativity in process”
-explains cultural and historical background of major artistic styles appearance and decline.

You will have a unique opportunity to navigate through Western Art history and obtain the ground knowledge about its timeline and events. Besides, you will be encouraged to develop a body of artwork based upon free interpretation of excising masterpieces, automatic drawing, and abstract expression. In order to succeed, you will use your courage, imagination and creativity..

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Our Fashion Design workshops encourage you to explore your design ideas and equip you with hands-on skills to translate them into a garment

Creativity and Art workshops

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