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Exploratory Workshops

Your Creativity, Our Guidance!

Courses & Workshops

We encourage students to explore their design ideas from generation stage to its final implementation. We work with each student individually in order to uncover students potential and specific design interest

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Designing directly on a dress-form by Elena Ryleeva Intensive draping course, Advanced skills


Draping is an art of manipulating fabric, the artistic medium that a fashion designer applies directly on the dress form. Although there are some rules to follow, you can effectively use your own imagination and inventiveness. Draping course equips you with hands-on draping skills that will help to translate your creative ideas into a garment. Read more


Waste-escape design: Unconventional pattern approaches


This workshop addresses the need for enhanced creative pattern cutting skills and expertise. You will learn several hands-on approaches to Waste-escape design. At the end of the workshop' series you will produce partial and full-scale garment samples for further development. Learn more

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