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On-line Exploratory Fashion workshops

  • EWST fashionlab delivers its Fashion Design workshops distantly via email and Skype 

  • Each workshop is divided into series of on-line sessions followed by homework project tasks.

  • Prior to session, student will receive learning materials and list of referential sources in accordance with particular workshop specification.

  • During the contact hours instructor will provide students a map to the self-study and answer student' questions.


Besides, on-line workshop customer can apply for the tailored Fasion Design workshop. Such a personalized option can be offered to those students who have own Fashion Design study plan and particular study  preferences. Thereby, tailored workshop version will be designed to suit your individual background and conditions.


                          Fashion Portfolio Cross-Section


Mode: On-line

8 contact hours

You will receive on-line consultations & handouts

Language: English, Russian


EWST Fashion Portfolio cross-section workshop emphasizes fashion students strengths as core principles for the portfolio build up. For example if student advances in sketching, the portfolio should be structured accordingly in order to demonstrate his/her strength. The same can be said about student proficiency in technical skills such as draping, fabric manipulation,textile design etc.


It is important to keep in mind that fashion portfolio on one hand is a representation of research process and on the other hand is artwork by itself.

The technical requirements for the fashion portfolio can vary greatly depending ether on the application for the specific school or on the employment submission.


This workshop rather concentrates its effort on ground portfolio structure enhanced by creative touch and focused upon learner particular advance.



EWST offers Portfolio Review session and consultations on any aspect of portfolio build-up. Please inform us on the portfolio destination, whether you apply to a certain fashion school or for a certain job and send us your digital portfolio version before we arrange the review/consultation meeting via Skype.

You will be creatively guided through all fashion portfolio requirements with focus on fashion drawing, fabric manipulation, or technical skills.


Personal on-line sessions are scheduled at student convenience.

Fashion Portfolio short guide

Full workshop  280 $

1 hour consultation 35 $ ( English, Russian)

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Fashion Portfolio Guide

46-pages guide helps to produce a comprehensive portfolio, advises on presentation, editing; additionally provides the list of world major fashion schools (linked to existing websites) and useful readings. It also contains the links to on-line student fashion portfolios and sketchbooks. See brief here

The PDF file will be emailed to you within 24 to 48 hours of purchase and can be viewed using

Adobe Reader, you can also print the instructions. If you do not receive it, please check your junk or spam folders. 

Price: 17 $

                       Fashion Collection Modus Operandi


Mode: on-line

12 contact hours

You will receive on-line consultations & handouts

Language: English, Russian


Important note: Fashion Collection Modus Operandi workshop requires Sewing and Pattern making skills, developed to a certain level. Please contact us for advice before you decide to take the course.


The course is offered to those individuals and fashion lovers who:
- want to start own clothing line;
- want to challenge herself to creating extraordinary fashion collection destined for fashion Design Competition or to be exhibited;
- desire to explore professional approach to producing fashion and investigate into own personal style.


In each particular case the necessary priorities will be emphasized and you will be guided to achieve the best results.

Our approach has helped many students and individuals to create the formidable fashion collection to display it on the catwalk of Fashion Week/Design contest or to launch own brand.

You will be focused on Fashion Collection Design Research, concept development, advanced fashion drawing/technical sketching and making part.

Please note that there are two parts of this workshop progression: Pre-Collection, and Collection. Pre-collection part is focused on visual research as well as materials and construction techniques, while Collection part is concentrated on Design development, Making, and presentation. You can enroll in full course or "pay as you go" per consultation.


Elena personally provides consultations via Skype conference on any aspect of Fashion collection creation such as:

  • Concept development,

  • Mood board, colour/material board

  • Design research and development

  • Advising on fabrics, materials,

  • Advising on manufacturing techniques, either related to garment construction or garment making.

  • Advising on finishing techniques

  • Collection presentation, styling

Full Workshop  440 $

1 hour consultation 35 $ ( English, Russian)

Dear customer,

You may use the PayPal "Buy Now" button or the registration and payment. In addition to PayPal, personal payment plans are available upon request;


We do accept WU and bank transfer.

Please note, this page will be regularly updated due

to workshops availability. For the additional information about workshop schedules and placement please contact us.

Complete EWST Registration Form, CLICK HERE. Be sure to complete all required fields! Send it to us. That's it! You will receive workshop information by email. Thank you for registering! We look forward to meeting you!

Contact us for your enquiry:

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