Advanced Draping: Dresses & Gowns

This course consists of two parts. The first part introduces close fitted bodice, corsets, contouring and other related techniques: ruching, pleating, pleats imitation. The second part investigates shapes, silhouettes, structure and formation of dresses.


1. Corset and close-fitted garments Draping &Designing (contouring) - 24 hours course

  • How to design a corset or close fitted garment directly on a dress form

  • The students learn:

  • The principles of contouring

  • How to design and create style lines

  • How to drape a close fitted garment

  • How to transfer the drape onto a paper and produce paper patterns for a garment

  • How to apply pleating/ruching techniques for close fitted garment

  • How to imitate pleating techniques and create intricate texture

In addition you will review contouring techniques in application to 2D, flat pattern-making. Duration of Corset part is 24 hours, 8 sessions, 4 days


2. Dress Draping & Designing - how to design a dress directly on a dress form.

You will learn:

  • How to approach designing on the dress form without prior sketching

  • The principles of design and design elements

  • How to create style lines, locate the darts, add fullness and volumes

  • How to create silhouettes

  • How to create various shapes (sculptural techniques)


Duration of "Dress" part is 24 hours, 8 sessions, 4 days


During the whole course three types of corsets and 6 types of dresses will be produced under instructor supervision.


Workshop instructor: Elena Ryleeva - EWST fashionlab founder, fashion designer and educator, internationally recognized expert with decades of experience. See free YouTube videos here

Once you accomplish all the projects at the studio premises you will get a Certificate of Completing Advanced Draping: Dresses & Gowns course.


Fee per person in small group: 780$USD

One-to-one study course fee: 1080$USD

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