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Draping or Moulage is the process of manipulating a flat piece of fabric directly on a three dimensional dress form. The starting point for the developing garment design through draping can be a designer sketch or the process of draping itself. Once the draping is done the fabric is removed from dress form in order to transfer the results of draping onto paper for creating sewing patterns.


Elena offers full course of Fashion Draping Basics where she covers all aspects of draping crucial for the beginner.

Her course is unique because it is based on detailed demonstrations and explanations carefully structured and delivered according to the learner gradual progress.

Basic draping is key to Fashion Designing on the dress form; it gives proper understanding to the process of construction of garment using 3 dimensional method.

Fashion Draping-Basics course starts from the  introduction of tools, materials and equipment for draping, features of fabric, and use of dress form. During the course you will learn the fundamentals of draping and create few foundation garment prototypes - Basic Bodice, Basic Skirt, Basic Princess Bodice and Basic Torso which is in other words a dress (Shift dress) foundation. Besides, you will learn three types of collars - Stand Collar and two different Convertible Collars. You will create Basic Blocks/Slopers  for all your prototypes. With the Basic Blocks you will be able to develop different designs using either 3D-draping techniques or flat, 2D pattern making.

Fashion Draping-Basics online course is offered in 2 Packs:

Designer Pack - for fashion designers and fashion students


Educator Pack - for teachers of Fashion Design or Dress-making schools

  • Six months unlimited access to all videos

  • 55 detailed video-lessons

  • More then 9 hours record

  • Five assignments with tutor feedback

  • Certificate of Completing Fashion Draping-Basics online course

Price 260$

  • Six months unlimited access to all videos

  • 55 detailed video-lessons

  • More then 9 hours record

  • Five assignments with tutor feedback

  • Teaching materials to download. See example

  • Certificate of Completing Fashion Draping-Basics online course for Educator

Price 305$

Samples of Certificates

cerificates images with signature.jpg

For Designer

cerificate educator.jpg

For Educator

The Fashion Draping-Basics online course creator and instructor

Elena Ryleeva - EWST fashionlab founder, 

Fashion Designer and International Educational expert:

Why should you learn Fashion Draping Basics?


All subjects of Fashion Draping Basics are crucial for building the foundation that would allow you to advance with draping skills. Moreover, this course gives you a chance to apply your creativity and start designing.


You will learn:

  • How to approach the fabric

  • How to make dress-form workable

  • How to apply the draping tape and create the body lines

  • How to pin properly in order to create perfect patterns

  • How to transfer the drape onto the paper and create flat patterns

  • How to configure and apply your basic design onto a dress-form

Technical instruction: Currently, all course video files are allocated on the Google drive so before purchasing the access to the lessons you must have Google  account. If you don't have one see How to create Google account


Communication and feedback

For Designer and Educator Packs. During the pack purchasing process the communication will be conducted through email. As for your studies communication you will choose between Skype, WhatsApp, and Facebook Messenger. Upon your purchase we will send you further instruction and details. 

Please note, the course fee is not refundable. Therefore, we strongly recommend you to watch our free introductory video as well as some demonstrations with free access. Also it is advisable to check our YouTube channel.


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