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draping and pattern courses for webpage.
draping and pattern courses for webpage.
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Couture Draping courses


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Draping or Moulage is the process of manipulating a flat piece of fabric directly on a three dimensional dress form. The starting point for the developing garment design through draping can be a designer sketch or the process of draping itself. Once the draping is done the fabric is removed from dress form in order to transfer the results of draping onto paper for creating sewing patterns

The Couture Draping consists of 3 parts: Basics, Intermediate, Advanced


The course video-lessons orderly guide you through the all steps of draping practice from the beginner to advanced level. The unique structure of the learning is built upon step-by-step acquisition of draping skills gradually nurturing your progress.  Each part of the course is designed to reveal the key principles and techniques specific to the particular learning stage.Therefore you will be equipped with optimal selection of tools that provide the solid foundation for further creative development of your own design

Fashion Draping Basics


Fashion Draping Basic online course provides the necessary base for the creative draping.

During the course, the learners produce few basic blocks (sloper patterns) in order to understand the key points of draping techniques and by doing so they will be able to start their own “pattern library”. 

The set of basic blocks consists of basic bodice, basic skirt, basic shift dress(torso), princess bodice.  In addition to studying very detailed draping processes, students learn about body measurements, ease, fabric structure, seam allowance, how to make paper patterns, etc, etc. - all those basic and essential knowledge of pattern-making. This course is particularly recommended for professionals and Fashion Design educators as in addition to video lessons the students are provided with downloadable written instructions and some additional materials and info related to pattern-making.

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Fashion Draping Intermediate

In Intermediate Draping course the students start learning skills related to actual fashion designing. You will be introduced with the methods of contouring, creating shapes, using elements of design to achieve various styles.

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Fashion Draping Advanced | Sculpturing techniques

Advanced Draping for Fashion Designing is unique intensive master class, whereas Elena teaches not merely techniques but creativity, showcasing basically Designing by Draping.

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Fashion Draping: Complete 3 Level Couture Draping Course 

includes all 3 levels of Couture Draping courses:

Fashion Draping Basics
Fashion Draping Intermediate
Fashion Draping Advanced


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Corset Draping: design &redesign

"Corset(bustier) draping design & redesign" course provides skills and knowledge for corset design, corset construction/draping and pattern creation. See full description

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Investigative Draping: Balenciaga cocoon dress

 In this course you will learn how to drape one of Cristobal Balenciaga iconic dresses - a cocoon dress with back pleat which was examined at Cristobal Balenciaga Museum in Getaria, Spain. In addition Elena explains how to create ‘balenciaga’ darts and provides two versions for dart creation. See more

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Investigative Draping: Tuxedo Jacket

In our course the students learn to approach tuxedo style through application of draping method. Elena shows how original men’s cut was interpreted and adapted to women’s  jacket. You will follow draping steps, learn how to transfer the drape onto paper and create patterns. See more


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Draping a garment with shawl collar

"Draping  garment with shawl collar" course provides skills and knowledge for shawl collar coat/jacket/dress construction/draping and pattern creation. See full description.

While learning the draping of a collar the students will be taught the draping of two garment prototypes -a tent coat(or A-line silhouette) which can be easily developed into a dress or a jacket a crop jacket (bolero). Drafting set-in sleeve, which is also included in the course, will provide the possibility to create a full set of patterns.

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Couture Draping courses by garment

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Couture Draping courses creator  Elena Ryleeva - EWST fashionlab founder, Sustainable Fashion Designer and International Educational expert


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