Pattern-making courses

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Basic Block

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Basic block is a set of  foundation patterns to fit  a body.
Basic block is used by designer as a basis for  making patterns for certain design -  dress, blouse, coat, jacket, skirt, trousers, etc.
Basic block is drafted  based on  body measurement  (standard or personal). There is no seam allowance included in the block. They are added once the patterns  for certain garment or garment prototype are constructed

In our course the basic blocks are drafted based on the French method (ESMOD) as Elena finds it simple, easily understood, effective and in good correlation with draping techniques.

Basic blocks (slopers) can also be achieved through draping techniques. Learn our “Fashion draping, basics” course as alternative to 2D pattern-making  to become proficient in creating clothing patterns.


Tools and materials for drafting basic blocks

1. Dressmaker pattern paper:


•    Square pattern paper

•    Dotted pattern paper

•    Dot and cross pattern paper

•    Plain white or brown pattern paper (square ruler then will be necessary)

2. Rulers

•    Straight ruler

•    French curve ruler

•    Square ruler (optional)

3. HB pencil

4. Eraser

5. Measuring tape

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In this course you learn how to develop flat basic bodice(torso) patterns. The course consists of seven video lessons, including “How to take body measurements”, detailed explanation of drafting process (5 videos) and a recap video summarizing the basic bodice drafting.

You may use standard body measurements for the block development (recommended for the beginner), your own body measurements or the dress-form measurements. The standard measurement chart (FRANCE) is provided.

Price: 53 $USD

drafting basic set-in sleeve.001.jpeg

You will learn how to draft the classic basic set-in sleeve with elbow dart. The advantages that you have in our course is that you may build the sleeve either based on the basic bodice block drafted beforehand or just for your bodice patterns achieved by draping. Basically you will just need an armhole shape transferred onto a paper. The method is easily understood, very effective and provides excellent shape of the sleeve head and effortless sleeve insertion into an armhole.

Price: 44 $USD