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Waste-escape Design masterclasses


Waste-escape is a-type of designing where there is a balance between the desire to come up with original design and scrupulous deliberation of all consequences that production of new item will trigger. It is a holistic process whereby the pattern-making and fashion design are integrated instead of being separated.


Such practice enables fabric piece to be used completely without any scrap left over.This challenging approach that has certain limitations urges the designer to experiment and push the boundaries; thus it brings about the unexpected and reverting design solutions.


Waste-escape minimizes  the impact on the environment, thus maximizes the benefits to people and communities

Waste-escape Fashion Design session outcome: Goddess Dress project, September 2018

Waste-escape design: Unconventional Pattern approaches


"Waste-escape" is a pioneering innovative course that was developed by Elena Ryleeva. This course reflects EWST fashionlab commitment to the advanced clothing.

Program (from one to five days):

During workshop the participants explore Waste-escape design of various garments including dresses, skirts, tops and produce garment prototypes. The course have introduction into waste-escape design and the reviews of approaches with historical references.

The instructor demonstrates Waste-escape designing through manipulating fabric directly on the dress-form and introduce the so-called practice-led research, so that workshop’ participants can practice own drapes and explore Waste-escape ideas.  The course curriculum combines different approaches to the Waste-escape pattern-making including Elena's “square wear”.  The participants investigate one type of garment and by the end of workshop will be able to complete at least one prototype.

At the end of the course a certificate of completing Waste-escape Fashion Design masterclass is awarded.


Waste-escape Wizard

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