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Advanced Draping for Fashion Designing
Intensive course


Advanced Draping for Fashion Designing is unique intensive master class, whereas Elena teaches not merely techniques but creativity, showcasing basically Designing by Draping. Our class is constantly evolving as we always add new topics and details.


Advanced Draping for Fashion Designing program (48hr):

  • Puff design

  • Sculpturing techniques

  • Ruffles, flounces

  • Sculptured dress with radiating pleats

  • Contouring techniques: Corset

  • Tailored Jacket with two-pieces sleeve and notched collar

  • Pleating, Ruching techniques

Inquire about this course:

Elena' Fashion Design Workshop

EWST fashionlab

Before attending Advanced Draping masterclasses it is advisable to learn Basic Draping, you may learn this course with us:

Fashion Draping Basics online course

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