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Fashion Collection course

Pictures: student collection, He Ling (China), "Fashion Collection" class 2010, concept- tailored jacket deconstruction Courtesy of He Ling

Fashion collection course is addressed to fashion students, designers and industry professionals, who wish to focus on creative development of Fashion Collection or aspire to start own Fashion Brand. See our students collections

The students learn:

  • Idea generation, concept development

  • Concept board/mood board, color/material board

  • Design research and development, discovering own signature style

  • Developing&researching garment construction techniques through 2D or 3D approaches

  • Developing&researching manufacturing/finishing techniques related to garment making.

  • Collection presentation, styling. Fashion communication.

The course duration is up to 3 months including face-to-face classes/seminars and online sessions/consultations. Further details/extension will be determined individually for each student based upon previously gained knowledge and skills.


Sustainable Fashion collection (from concept to implementation). Depending on your particular preferences in Sustainable Fashion Design, this course can help you to proceed with your collection' build up. The course takes up to 3 months with some extra time for research


Course fee: 2600$USD



Elena' Fashion Design Workshop

EWST fashionlab

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On line Fashion Collection consultations

Price: 149 $ per hour

Fashion Portfolio


Fashion Portfolio workshop emphasizes fashion students strengths as core principles for the portfolio build up. For example if you advance in sketching, the portfolio should be structured accordingly in order to clearly demonstrate your strength. If your proficiency is in technical skills such as draping, fabric manipulation, textile design etc. you should highlight them in your portfolio.

It is important to keep in mind that fashion portfolio on the one hand is a representation of research process and on the other hand is artwork by itself.

The technical requirements for the fashion portfolio can vary greatly depending either on the application for the specific school or on the employment submission.

We offer Portfolio Review session and consultations on any aspect of portfolio build-up. Please inform us on the portfolio destination, whether you apply to a certain fashion school or for a certain job and send us your digital portfolio version before we arrange the review/consultation meeting via Skype.You will be guided through all fashion portfolio requirements with focus on fashion drawing, fabric manipulation, or technical skills.

Fashion Portfolio short guide


Fashion portfolio on-line consultation

Price: 149$ per hour

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