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Creativity & Art Workshops

Abstract expression  gives general overview of Abstract Expressionism and offers participants an opportunity to explore and create a body of artwork inspired by few different artistic approaches.

Action painting workshop encourages participants to focus on gesture and performance. The most important aspect of Action painting is the artist's interaction with surface of medium by using wide range of tools to apply paint. At such extent, the surface of painting  can become a battlefield, or a stage, or a page of diary, or even another alive being to communicate. Read more


Workshops duration 3 hours. For further information please contact us

Our Abstract painting texturing workshop is one-of-a kind session where everyone can create sculpturing painting. We created this workshop in order to make use of fashion workshops leftovers thus to ensure the zero-waste studio outcome. Among many other techniques of texturing we propose the so-called textile manipulation – modeling pieces of fabrics with the help of glue and acrylic paint straightforwardly on the painting surface. 

This workshop can help participants to think creatively through the usage of different materials and especially for those who study Fashion Design, to develop unconventional approach towards Fashion drawing and, interestingly enough, towards 3D modeling itself. Read more here

For further information please contact us

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texture art.jpg

Symbols & Meditation workshop is excellent opportunity to learn meditative painting.

You are welcome to come and discover the world of signs and symbols that we all have access to, but often do not use it due to busyness of our everyday life!

Symbols and meditation, is a part of Abstract Expression series. According to the one theory the human perception is based up on geometrical shapes and figures. So, you can delve into your perception and see those structures whether with help of drugs or through meditation. Therefore, workshop participants are asked to meditate dynamically - which means to stay focused on symbols and to be active with painting at the same time.

Painting or drawing being produced during the period of dynamic meditation should contain symbols or at least traces of them. Workshop ends up by open discussion of all artworks and allocation of symbols found in it.

Workshop includes an interactive introduction, demonstration, personal work, and inspirational music. At the end of the workshop, you will walk away with artwork that you have created

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Symbols 3.jpg
symbols 1.jpg

Our art workshops are designed to uncover one’s personal creative potential through the variety of art practices. For example, Automatic drawing  tends to open the door to the world without reasoning and reflection. Although Automatism is called a technique, in fact it is not a technique in a sense of structurally learned activity but a destination that one can follow through the acting without actual thinking. Automatic drawing/painting can appear as figurative, semi figurative or abstract – the graphical representation of images or things that possibly came out of memory whether individual or collective. Automatic drawings can also represent a script written with unknown signs and symbols. See below Automatic painting workshop sessions

Symbols art workshop

Max Ryleev - art workshops creator and instructor, EWST fashionlab co-founder, visual artist, and online courses coordinator

Notably, EWST is an abbreviation of Elena Workshop and Studio Transforms


Studio Transforms project  was created by Max as a nomadic art laboratory. Costumes made out of hand-painted fabric, poetry performance, sculptures, live-painting  combined with body-art, and many other confronting projects of Studio Transforms were co-existed in synergistic creative multiplicity.

The fascinating map of Studio's performances, events and exhibitions covers more then a half of the Globe surface.

Kaleidoscopic change of cultural perspectives was a great  challenge for the Studio hammering  its artistic endeavor to the point where it became utterly unique.

Max absorbs the acute attention towards incidental art making including intuitive painting, sculpturing, and poetry & performance.

Max artworks can be found in many private art collections and have been seen in numerous exhibitions worldwide

Denim coat art clothing
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