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Couture Draping workshops | Advanced level
Designing directly on a dress-form

Courses by level:    Basic draping     Intermediate draping     Advanced draping     Complete couture draping    


Investigative draping:   Balenciaga cocoon dress     Yve Saint Laurent Tuxedo jacket     Dior bar jacket    


Other draping courses:   Shawl collar garment     Wing pleat hourglass dress     Corset draping&design    


Courses by garment:   Skirts draping     Dresses  draping     Jackets draping     Collars draping

Advanced fashion draping masterclasses_Balloon & Puff skirts draping

Couture Draping Designing directly on a dress-form is unique intensive set of master classes developed by Elena Ryleeva, whereas Elena teaches not merely techniques but creativity, showcasing basically Designing by Draping. Besides to be highly inspirational, Elena's class is evolving as new topics and details are added constantly.

Masterclasses travels worldwide and have been running thus far in various countries in Asia, in South America, Africa, Middle East, Spain and Georgia.


The content:

Puff design: balloon skirt
Twisted skirt
Dress with radiating pleats
Sculpturing techniques: Peplum project (peplum skirt or top)
Sculpturing techniques: “flower” bodice
Pleats/pleat imitation techniques
Balenciaga cocoon dress
Wing-pleat hourglass dress
Tailored jacket. Tuxedo
Bolero jacket with shawl collar
Corset draping
Corset design-redesign

Inquire for collaboration:

For attending these masterclasses Basic Draping skills are required, you may learn this course with us:

Fashion Draping Basics online course

All online draping courses are here for your reference

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