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Dresses Couture Draping course

Courses by level:    Basic draping     Intermediate draping     Advanced draping     Complete couture draping    


Investigative draping:   Balenciaga cocoon dress   Balenciaga S-seam coaYve Saint Laurent Tuxedo jacket    

Dior bar jacket    


Other draping courses:   Shawl collar garment     Wing pleat hourglass dress     Corset draping&design    


Courses by garment:   Skirts draping     Dresses  draping     Jackets draping     Collars draping

For the Dresses draping course you will get:

12 months access to the video-lessons

10 hours of lessons record

Tutor support and feedback



The course consists of 8 units which are related to Basic, Intermediate, and Advanced levels. Thus you will learn starting from the Basic dress and progress steadily towards more complex advanced draping method.


The List of units and links to the unit' descriptions:


Shift Dress loose fit

Shift Dress close fit

Dress with radiating pleats

Flower bodice dress

Balenciaga cocoon dress

Peplum Dress "Jumping pleat"

Peplum Dress: Arcs, Waterfall

Wing pleat hourglass dress

Price: 530 $USD

Shift dress close fit_Dresses couture draping course
Shift dress loose fit_Dresses couture draping course by Elena Ryleeva
Dress with radiating pleats_Dresses couture draping online course
Dresses couture draping course_Flower bodice dress
Dresses couture draping_Balenciaga cocoon dress
Peplum dress_Dresses couture draping by Elena Ryleeva
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