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"Dior Bar jacket" draping course

Investigative Draping

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In 1947, Christian Dior presented a collection of wasp-waisted and hip-padded designs. The collection, “Corolle” debuted at the brand’s headquarters in Paris was quickly renamed the “New Look”, with the stand-out Bar suit as a central outfit. It included the form-fitting, feminine jacket made of a lightweight, comfortable blend of wool and silk in a soft ivory shade, alongside a flowing skirt. The jacket featured softened shoulder, nipped waist, and a sculpted, almost peplum-like hem that accentuates the hipline. The concept of garment construction is certainly owed to the styles and body-shapers of the late 19th century.
Since then, each of the house’s successive designers reinterpreted the “bar jacket” by swapping fabrics, adding embellishments, and playing with volume.


In our course the students learn to make Dior bar jacket through the application of draping method. Elena shows how the hourglass shape of the jacket was achieved and further developed.

Elena demonstrates the specific preparation of the dress-form for the bar jacket draping.

You will follow all draping steps, learn how to transfer the drape onto paper and create patterns. You will learn how to drape Dior jacket tailored collar and make paper patterns as well. Drafting a sleeve and creation of sleeve patterns will finalize the full set of patterns for Dior bar jacket.

The course is all-inclusive, apart of detailing whole process of bar jacket draping and producing patterns, Elena reveals some secrets including couture ironing techniques which are crucial for the creating hourglass shape. 


6 months access to the video-lessons

More then 3 hour of lessons record

Tutor support and feedback



Lessons content:


Preparing the dress-form
Draping the front central piece

Draping the front side piece

Draping the back central and side pieces

Draping side panel

Trueing the draped pieces

Transferring the draped pieces onto paper

Creating paper patterns

Creating paper patterns, side panel and back pieces

Application of ironing techniques

Draping the collar

Creating collar pattern

Measurements for the sleeve

Drafting two-pieces sleeve

Price: 350 $USD

Dior bar jacket online course
Bar jacket draping
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