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Draping a garment with shawl collar

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A Shawl collar is a turned-over collar of a garment that combines with lapels forming an unbroken curving line.
The shawl collar differs from other collars in that it is an extension of the lapel above the front neckline and beyond the shoulder, instead of a separate piece.
It is flattering, feminine, popular throughout last century fashion eras and best of all, it allows for a variety of creative and stylish interpretations.
The shawl collar can be styled in a few ways: flat, collar with a stand (low and high) and collar with hollow neck (more fitted version, with fish dart) which is normally applied in jackets. Shawl collar can also be styled as single breasted and double breasted collar based on a location of the first button.
All these styles will be demonstrated and explained in the course. In addition you will learn how to explore the collar style-line which is basically an outer edge of the collar that may be shaped in various ways.

While learning the draping of a shawl collar and its types the students will be taught the draping of two garment prototypes -
a tent coat(or A-line silhouette) which can be easily developed into a dress or a jacket
a crop jacket (bolero)
Drafting set-in sleeve, which is also included in the course, will provide the possibility to create a full set of patterns for a coat/jacket/dress.


6 months access to the video-lessons

About 4 hour of lessons record

Tutor support and feedback


Lessons content:

Tent (A-line) coat/dress/jacket

Planning shawl collar &draping flat version

Draping shawl collar with low stand

Creating shawl collar with high stand

Tent coat/dress with shawl collar

Tent coat patterns

Creating various style-lines

Shawl collar patterns and analysis


Crop jacket (Bolero)

Draping the front as one piece with the shawl collar
Fitting the shawl collar using an under-collar fish-eye dart
Defining the style for the jacket - the fit, the length.
Drafting a perfect one-piece sleeve with elbow dart
Verifying the fit of the sleeve into jacket’ armhole
The steps of assembling the jacket

Price: 260 $USD

Draping a garment with shawl collar online course
 Single breasted shawl collar draping online course
Draping single breasted shawl collar with stand
Draping single breasted flat shawl collar
Draping double breasted shawl collar with stand by Elena Ryleeva
Draping scalloped shawl collar
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