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Jackets Couture Draping

You will get:

12 months access to the video-lessons

10 hours of lessons record

Tutor support and feedback



The Jackets Couture Draping course consists of three units and introduces the process of draping two classic garments - tuxedo and bolero (crop jacket), as well as free style dart-less jacket. The students learn various types of collars typical for jackets - few shawl collars and tailored collars. Drafting the sleeves that are built on attained armhole - one-piece sleeve with elbow dart and two-piece tailored sleeve is included in the course. At the end of each unit the students will achieve a full set of patterns for a particular jacket style.
Skills level: intermediate and advance


The List of units and links to the unit' descriptions:

Bolero Jacket

Tuxedo Jacket

Jacket with Shawl collar

Price: 530 $USD

Bolero jacket_Fashion couture draping online course by Elena Ryleeva
Jackets couture draping online course | Tuxedo jacket
Jackets couture draping course_Tailored collar 1
Jackets couture draping course_Tailored collar 2
Jackets couture draping course_Shawl collar jacket
Jackets couture draping course_Shawl collars
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