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Corset draping

design &redesign

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"Corset(bustier) draping design & redesign" course provides skills and knowledge for corset design, corset construction/draping and pattern creation.
The course starts from  introduction of corset development throughout fashion history going as far as 16 century and gives an overview on the contemporary interpretation of this unique clothing item by influential fashion designers presenting the latest trends as well as iconic pieces.


The first part of the course “Draping of basic bodice-bustier” will equip students with practical steps of creating off-shoulder basic bodice/bustier patterns through draping techniques. The patterns can be further used for corset development, for strapless dress as well as a foundation of strapless bodice where additional underlying support is needed.
The second part introduces the designing process which starts from either just an idea or from a sketch. The process is rather intuitive as you create a prototype directly on a dress form following your inspiration, observing the work - proportions, shape, contour, lines etc. The work ends up with a set of patterns as well.


The third part provides an inspiring and exciting opportunity of using the existing  patterns of the corset and re-design, re-construct the corset into a new style on a dress form. This process will be also completed with a set of patterns for the new corset style.

The course is addressed to a wide audience - from “beginner” level to professionals - designers and educators alike.


6 months access to the video-lessons

About 4-hour of lessons record

Tutor support and feedback


Lessons content:

Introduction to the corset draping course

Fashion history presentation

Draping basic bustier

Basic bustier paper-patterns


Preparing dress form
Creating style-lines with draping tape
Draping the corset: central front piece
Draping the corset: side front and back body pieces
Draping the corset: bust cup
Trueing corset pieces
Adding notches to corset details
Corset patterns completed

Redesigning the corset: under-bust &Victorian style
Redesigning cupped corset into butterfly style
Making butterfly corset patterns
Butterfly corset: completed work review

Special offer for two courses(Corset design &redesign+Bamboo pleated bodice) : 350 $USD

Corset draping_basic bustier Couture draping online course
Corset draping online course
Corset draping &Design online course
Corset draping &design variations Couture draping online course
Corset patterns Couture draping online course
Corset patterns Corset draping &Design online course


Corset draping in fashion history
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