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Bamboo pleated bodice
Tailoring course

Couture tailoring pleated bodice

Bamboo pleated bodice - a tailoring course which allows students to learn a full set of skills including draping and sewing to be able to complete a pleated close fitted bodice (bamboo pleats).


The course consists of three parts:


1. Draping basic bustier

Learning how to drape basic bustier and produce paper patterns:


Video lesson 1. Draping the basic bustier

Video lesson 2. Trueing the basic bustier

Video lesson 3. Verifying the basic bustier

Video lesson 4. Base-bustier paper patterns


2.  Pleats imitation techniques (fluting, bamboo pleating)

Learning how to prepare the fabric for creating pleated texture and how to apply hand techniques


Video lesson 1. Pressing, preparing bias stripes

Video lesson 2. Pleats imitation techniques (fluting)

Video lesson 3. Bamboo pleating


3.  Bamboo pleated bodice

Learning all steps of producing textured bodice, starting form cutting the fabrics, creating texture, producing supportive inner structure, assembling the bodice and ending up by sewing and adding the lining


 Video lesson 1: Starting the project, creating texture - sides

 Video lesson 2: Creating texture: front

 Video lesson 3: Applying the final stripes at the front

 Video lesson 4: Preparing the inner part of the bodice

 Video lesson 5: Connecting the textured bodice with the inner part

 Video lesson  6: Adding lining to the bodice


 Fabric info:


1. Fashion fabric: silk/raw silk/polyester/bamboo silk/silk&cotton blend/lotus.

 plain color with smooth surface.

 amount:  1m

 2. Lining fabric: viscose//polyester/bamboo/silk, plain color matching fashion fabric

 amount 0,5m

 3. Supporting fabric: cotton/cotton muslin, medium weight

 amount 0,5m

 4. Fabric for draping:cotton/cotton muslin, medium weight

 amount 0,5m


Tools and equipment:

Dress form, sewing machine, iron, scissors, measure tape, tailor pins, tailor chalk, hand needle, draping tape, pattern paper, pencil, straight ruler&French ruler.


You will get:

6 months access to the video-lessons

More than 2-hour of lessons record

Additional downloadable materials

Tutor support and feedback


Price: 170 $USD

You can buy Bamboo pleated bodice tailoring and Corset Draping design courses together with significant discount!

Corset draping and design complete online course by Elena Ryleeva

Price: 350 $USD

Bamboo pleated bodice front & back
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Bamboo pleated bodice and bustier draping & tailoring
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