Elena Ryleeva - EWST fashionlab founder,  Fashion Designer and International Educational expert

A few decades ago Elena became one of the top figures on the Moscow Fashion scene when she had transformed her alma mater University Experimental Fashion Design program into “Theatre of Costume” - a non-for-profit educational cooperation destined to introduce a new type of design education based on student initiatives, experimentations, creativity, and ideas sharing. Through its splendid achievements, public presentations, and groundbreaking fashion shows the "Theatre of Costume" gained wide public and media attention followed by comprehensive media coverage.

Further on, Elena has enriched her experience by running bespoke tailoring workshop and working internationally, sourcing design for Italian fashion brands. Throughout years Elena was guiding and nurturing talents of international Fashion students with diverse background.

Max M. Ryleev - EWST fashionlab co-founder, visual artist /performer, and educator.

Max absorbs the acute attention towards cross-cultural and interdisciplinary studies in the context of creativity. He works in the scope of genres including painting, drawing, design, fashion, sculpture, poetry and performance.
Max has formed his own visual and conceptual vocabulary through his Involvement into Berlin alternative art scene, and Academic studies respectively. His work can be found in many private art collections and has been seen in numerous exhibitions worldwide