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Elena Ryleeva - EWST fashionlab founder, Clothing Designer and internationally recognized Master of Draping.

Initially trained in women’s bespoke tailoring Elena subsequently completed fashion
design studies and got her Master’s degree. Upon graduation she was offered a position of a faculty member at the university where she was employed for several years simultaneously managing own bespoke tailoring studio.
Since more than two decades Elena works internationally. That includes running design
studio and participating in international collaborative projects in costume, clothing and art - USA, Germany, Indonesia, etc., freelancing for fashion brands and conducting self-
funding research in traditional clothing - Asia, Central America.
In 2015 she set up her own company EWST fashionlab - a platform for skills learning/
upgrading and sharing resource-conscious approaches in clothing design.

Currently Elena devotes herself to teaching through this platform and running online and offline courses&workshops while constantly researching the prospects of draping and pattern making.

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Max - EWST fashionlab co-founder, visual artist, art workshop instructor, and online courses coordinator

Notably, EWST is an abbreviation of Elena Workshop and Studio Transforms


Studio Transforms project  was created by Max as a nomadic art laboratory. Costumes made out of hand-painted fabric, poetry performance, sculptures, live-painting  combined with body-art, and many other confronting projects of Studio Transforms were co-existed in synergistic creative multiplicity.

The fascinating map of Studio's performances, events and exhibitions covers more then a half of the Globe surface. From Siberian mountains and Mongolian steps, the trajectory of our nomadic exploration went through Moscow to Paris and Berlin, from there on headed to the Middle East and India, and then crossed the Atlantic in direction to Cuba and Central America. Furthermore, Studio Transforms has traveled to Indonesia, East Timor, China, and Thailand. 

Kaleidoscopic change of cultural perspectives was a great  challenge for the Studio hammering  its artistic endeavor to the point where it became utterly unique.

Get in touch with Max:

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