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Wing-pleat hourglass dress draping

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Wing-pleat dress design which was produced by Elena in May 2022 is inspired by Cristobal Balenciaga approaches to garment creation as well as 50s fashion style.

This fitted dress has sculptural properties in both silhouette and details.


The design and patterns were shared with International Association of Clothing Designers and Executives for November’2022 3D summit "1950’s & 60’s French Haute Couture – Pushing the limits on 3D”.


"Wing-pleat hourglass dress features

-     Close fitted bodice with front and back cut as one piece

-     Triangular pleats starting at the apex points going towards the back and creating wing-like shoulders. Consequently they widen the back and end up at the back waistline.

-     Tapered skirt with extended hips provided by inverted pleats on the sides.


The course’ video-lessons present the whole process of draping the hourglass dress on a mannequin and patterns developing; thus providing draping steps, marking, trueing and pattern generation. Moreover you will get a downloadable file with important notes and advice related to dress manufacturing process.

3 months access to the video-lessons

About 1.5 hours of lessons record

Downloadable file

Tutor support and feedback


Course fee: 135 $USD

Wing-pleat hourglass dress draping by Elena Ryleeva
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