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Peplum: Arcs, Waterfall, Jumping pleat

Fashion Draping Advanced

Peplum is a garment’ detail which is attached to the waistline and could be a part of a dress, a top/jacket/blouse as well as a skirt. Peplum emphasizes the hips and creates an illusion of a smaller waist. Thus peplum was favored in those periods of fashion history when women’s body ideal was an “hourglass” type. However, in contemporary fashion we may see peplum constructed on loose waist.
In our course we shortly review the typical, most common peplum construction yet we concentrate on certain sculpturing techniques that can be used for achieving more complex shapes.

Elena explains and demonstrates “arcs” techniques, hips extension method; drapes and completes an example of a dress with flower-like peplum. She shows how to further explore this technique for the sake of design creation and exercises the “waterfall” style. Another example of sculpturing technique that she will demonstrate  is what she called “jumping pleats”.

3 months access to the video-lessons

More than 1.5-hour of lessons record

Tutor support and feedback


Lessons content:

Preparing the fabric for draping peplum, arc techniques

Principles of draping the arcs

Draping the peplum based on arcs techniques

Designing the dress with peplum as starting point

Developing peplum design

Jumping pleat peplum

Jumping pleat pattern, front

Verifying Jumping pleat peplum

Waterfall application

Price: 152 $USD

Price: 530 $USD

Peplum workshop, Advanced Draping Elena' masterclasses worldwide

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Peplum in Fashion

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