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Sculptured,Puff and Twisted Skirts

Fashion Draping Advanced

In this course you will learn how to create several types of skirt by using “puff techniques”, “sculpturing techniques” and learn the “twisted skirt” as well.
Elena vividly demonstrates the methods of creating certain skirt' shapes simultaneously introducing principles of applied design. Thus you will be able not only to repeat Elena's drape  but to create your own design correspondingly.
This course will arm you with understanding how to explore and develop skirt design, how to sustain the shapes, how to apply pleats, what kind of fabric you should use for this particular style of skirt creation


3 months access to the video-lessons

About 2-hour of lessons record

Tutor support and feedback


Lessons content:

Draping the base

Marking the base

Principles of draping the balloon skirt

Completing and marking the balloon skirt

Exploring the shape, creating puffs

Creating various shapes

Draping twisted skirt

Completing and marking twisted skirt

Application of circular skirt in puff techniques

Price: 152 $USD

Price: 530 $USD

puff, sculptured, twisted skirts.001.jpe
baloon, puff, scupltural skirts.001.jpeg
puff, sculptured, twisted skirts.002.jpe
baloon, puff, scupltural skirts.002.jpeg
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