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Sculptured bodice draping

Fashion Draping Advanced

Important note The sculptured bodice draping technique is innovated and coined by Elena Ryleeva


In this course you will learn how to create 3D shapes of the bodice part of the garment. Through a series of video lessons you will be introduced to the principles of draping the shapes, the comprehension of how to sustain the shapes and how to cut the fabric in order to start the project. You will get the understanding of how the fabric affects the forms and also how it “helps” and “guides” you while exploring its potential.
You will learn about off-shoulder bodice foundation and how to prepare it for the project.


Elena demonstrates the draping of a few “sculptured bodice" versions - “abstract origami”, “origami flower” and “flower bud”. All these examples are based on Elena” approach of draping the shape from a single piece of fabric.
Marking, trueing the bodice in order to produce patterns are included in these courses as well.

3 months access to the video-lessons

About 2.5 hour of lessons record

Tutor support and feedback


Lessons content:

Sculptured off-shoulder bodice

Draping abstract origami bodice

Trueing and making pattern of abstract origami bodice

Draping origami flower bodice

Adding side panels

Completing origami flower bodice

Draping flower-bud bodice

Marking and developing flower-bud bodice

Additional - bodice foundation:


Draping the base-bustier

Trueing up the base-bustier

Verifying the base-bustier &adding notches

Base-bustier paper patterns

Sculptured Flower bud bodice draping Couture draping online course
Abstract origami bodice draping Couture draping online course
Sculptured Origami flower bodice draping
Flower bud bodice draping version Couture draping online course
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