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Flower bodice dress draping
Fashion Draping Advanced

Important note The "Flower bodice" draping technique is innovated and coined by Elena Ryleeva

“Flower bodice” dress  - a complete dress draping course with three-dimensional sculptural front bodice shaped as a flower. The uniqueness of this particular sculptural technique is that the bodice’ front  part is cut and draped from a single piece of fabric.
Alongside with learning how to drape 3D flower structure on the bodice’ part of a garment, the students study the entire process of draping the off-shoulder gown - the front, the back and the skirt. Flared skirt with added pleats at the front and back provides voluminous  shape and wide hemline. We consider some variations of skirts in this project as well. In addition to learning the draping steps of the skirt, the students will get instructions on achieving simpler skirt’ shapes that match with the sculptured bodice.
As always, Elena encourages students to experiment with sculpturing techniques and shows some try-outs before she comes up with the final shape.

3 months access to the video-lessons

About 2-hour of lessons record

Tutor support and feedback


Lessons content:

Draping the base from single piece

Draping the flower, tryouts

Draping the flower final version

Draping the flower bodice waist line

Marking the flower drape

Completing the flower bodice front

Draping the back pieces

Trueing back pieces

Designing the skirt for the dress

Draping flared skirt with pleats, front

Marking and trueing the skirt

Marking the skirt hemline

Demonstrating completed project

Adding a small "petal"

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