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Draping dress with radiating pleats
Fashion Draping Advanced

Radiating pleats draping technique is an exquisite, widely used in gowns/wedding dresses and couture fashion in general. Quite often you may find the name “sculptured dress” when you see the garment with radiating pleats application on its surface. Essentially, it is a method of combining contouring with creation of deep 3-dimensional pleats on a part of a garment. The location of radiating pleats varies so this allows to produce large amounts of designs, based on technique, especially if you know how to effectively add design elements. This type of design was highly popular in the 50s as it emphasizes women's body shape thus generating a very appealing look . Nowadays it is prevalent in gowns, evening wear, wedding dresses,etc, however it is applied for casual clothing as well.

In our project you will learn the detailed process and principles of draping radiating pleats while developing the close-fitted dress. Basically, you will design the dress directly on a dress-form through draping. You will also learn how to transfer the drape onto paper and produce the full set of patterns for the dress. Additionally, we show how to produce few styles for the dress, based on the same patterns by adding some elements of design

3 months access to the video-lessons

More than 2-hour of lessons record

Tutor support and feedback


Lessons content:


Draping radiating pleats
Evaluating pleats & Marking
Creating pattern for pleated front part
Draping the back part
Creating pattern for back part
Draping side panel
Creating pattern for side panel
Evaluating completed project
Creating three styles for the dress

Radiating pleats workshop, Advanced Draping Elena' masterclasses worldwide

Draping dress with radiating pleats Couture draping online course
Pleated dress draping Couture draping online course
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Radiating pleats in Couture Fashion

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