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Peak bodice draping
Fashion Draping Advanced

Important note The "Peak" bodice or standing sculptured bodice draping technique is innovated and coined by Elena Ryleeva


In this course you will learn how to create the "PEAK" shape of the bodice part of the garment. Through a series of video lessons you will be introduced to the principles of draping PEAK shape and  the tricks and secrets of sustaining the PEAK structure. You will also get the understanding of how the fabric affects the forms. Elena will explain the potential of her "Peak" technique and demonstrate one sample in details, ending up with the "PEAK" pattern.

  • 5 detailed video-lessons

  • 3 months unlimited access

  • More then 1-hour record

  • Assignment with tutor feedback

  • Certification

Price: 152 $USD

Price: 620 $USD

Draping standing sculptured bodice
Draping variations of standing sculptured bodice
Draping standing sculptured bodice shapes
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