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Shift dress draping
Fashion Draping Basics

In this assignment you will acquire the skills related to dresses - draping the loose fit and
the close fit garment.

You will learn all steps of draping starting from fabric preparations to achieving the certain
style of a dress directly on a dress form - “shift” dress, associated with easy, loose,
hanging free clothing and “sheath” - form-fitted dress. You will be introduced two types of
darts - the triangular dart which shapes the bust and the back shoulder, as well as the
“fish dart” which is used for shaping the dress’ waist part.

These two types of dresses are always present on a fashion scene. Adding design
elements and working with various types of fabric opens the possibilities to creating the
varieties of designs. Our illustrated tutorials that are provided additionally will guide you
on your creative journey!

  • 8 detailed video-lessons

  • More then 2-hour record

  • Assignment with tutor feedback

  • Certification



The content of 8 video-lessons

Preparing fabric piece for draping the front
Preparing fabric piece for draping the back

Draping the front
Draping the back
Trueing the front and back pieces
Verifying the fit of Shift dress
Shaping the waist for close fitted dress (sheath)
Trueing the close fitted dress (sheath)

Materials required: cotton muslin 1,0m

Shift dress dreping couture draping online course
Shift dress in fashion_Basic draping online course
Fashion draping basics by Elena Ryleeva_shift dress
Shift dress in fashion_Draping basics course
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