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Basic skirt draping

In the first assignment of this course you will acquire the skills of draping a straight skirt,

which is considered a basic skirt in pattern-making.

Watching our detailed video lessons you will learn how to prepare a fabric piece by
measuring the dress forms while using its guidelines. You will be introduced the notion of
ease and learn how to distribute the ease on the hip-line. You will be taught how to shape
the waistline using triangular darts and be informed how to locate them.


After you complete the draping steps you will learn how to transfer the drape onto paper
and produce paper patterns, which allows you to create BASIC SKIRT BLOCK. This basic
block will serve as a foundation to further developing your design ideas by adding the
elements - a vent at the back or a slit e.g. or adjusting the side seam to achieve a pencil
skirt etc. Our illustrated tutorials that are provided additionally will guide you on your
creative journey!


The content of 10 video lessons:

Preparing fabric piece for draping the front
Preparing fabric piece for draping the back
Draping and marking the front
Marking the front darts
Draping and marking the back
Trueing the front piece
Trueing the back piece
Verifying the draped skirt
Creating skirt' front paper patterns
Creating skirt' back paper patterns

Material required: cotton muslin 0,5m

Price: 480 $USD

Price: 530 $USD

Basic skirt draping Couture draping online course
Straight skirts_Fashion draping basics by Elena Ryleeva
Basic skirt_Basic draping online course
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