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Flat Collars draping
Fashion Draping Basics

In this assignment you learn the steps of draping the most common flat collars.
A flat collar is a non-convertible collar that lies flat on the garment for which it was designed. It is cut to fit around the neckline, following the curve. The typical flat collars are: Peter Pan collar , Sailor collar, Pilgrim collar, Puritan collar. The feature and the uniqueness of the flat collar lies in the fact that it can exist not only as a part of a garment but  it can be worn as independent detachable item as well.
In addition to typical flat collars the course provides a lesson for creative 3-layer collar which is based on the flat collar draping approaches.
Watching the video instructions you will learn the steps of
 draping, marking and trueing the collars. At the end you will transfer the draped collar onto paper and produce paper patterns


  • 5 detailed video-lessons

  • More then 1-hour record

  • Assignment with tutor feedback

  • Certification

The content of 5 video-lessons:

Draping flat collars - Peter Pan collar, Puritan collar, Pilgrim collar

Flat collar patterns

Flat collar patterns: Inserted collar versus detachable

Sailor collar pattern

Creative three-layer collar

Creative three-layer collar
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