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Waste-escape wizard
Clothing design

"Contemplating a piece of fabric as a future garment is almost a spiritual technique that removes unnecessary frustrations, sharps your concentration, and unleashes imagination. The fashion designer needs a real artistry for the creation of beautiful outfit from the bolt of fabric or accommodating leftovers with such aesthetic touch that does not diminish but enhances the final garment look.

In order to create Waste-escape  the designer needs to listen to silence and to envision ideas; she needs a spirit of explorer and a desire of experimenter" EWST fashionlab

FABRICSCAPE project is a recent development of initiative that is destined to explore waste-escape creative approaches.This project helps to generate cognizant practices in producing clothing and accessories. In like manner to the verb “Land-Scape" which means to make a piece of land more attractive by altering the existing design, “Fabric-scape” means to make a flat piece of fabric three-dimensional by applying certain techniques that have been created by Elena Ryleeva. Once altered, the fabric piece would further be developed into a piece of clothing/bag/accessories.
“GEOSURFACES” is one of the modules of FABRICSCAPE project, it explores the application of math, geometry and sewing techniques to transform the fabric surface into 3-dimesional sculptural object with exciting potentiality to becoming a unique design.

Workshop in Tbilisi state Academy of Arts, July 10, 2021

Couture Draping workshop: Waste-escape session (Peru,Jan.2020)

"Goddess dress" project on the footsteps of Madeleine Vionnet "handkerchief dress"

"This course was designed by us (EWST fashionlab) as an intentional groundbreaking learning aiming to highlight the urgency to think creatively and, most importantly, to actualize Waste-escape Design as a foundation for the advanced clothing. All steps of conventional Fashion Design training were purposefully condensed and intensified in order to focus students on accomplishing and styling one Waste-escape outfit. It is noteworthy to mention that some of our students had no sewing skills at all so they learned how to use sewing machine and sew during the course."