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Princess bodice draping
Fashion Draping Basics

Princess bodice - a bodice that provides close fit by using the seams commonly named
“princess line”. This seam goes from the middle of the shoulder through the apex( highest
bust point) down the waistline. This seam separates the front into two long panels. The
same approach also applies to the back, separating it into two pieces.

Following the detailed video instructions you will learn how to measure and cut the fabric
for draping each of princess panel separately, how to place the pieces of fabric on a
dress form, how to control the ease, how to manipulate and pin the fabric in order to
drape each of the princess panels. Once the draping steps are completed and marked
you will transfer the drape onto paper and create paper patterns.

Princess bodice patterns will be another great addition to your pattern library as you will
be able to use them for a varieties of designs starting from casual wear - tops, blouses,
dresses, etc. to gowns and wedding attire.

  • 14 detailed video-lessons

  • More then 1.5-hour record

  • Assignment with tutor feedback

  • Certification



The content of 14 video lessons

Preparing fabric pieces for draping the front
Preparing fabric pieces for draping the back
Draping the front center panel
Draping the front side panel
Draping the back center panel
Draping the back side panel
Trueing the back center panel
Trueing the back side panel
Trueing the front center panel
Trueing the front side panel
Verifying the fit of the Princess bodice
Creating princess bodice paper patterns back
Creating Princess Bodice paper pattern front

Completing Princess Bodice front paper patterns & Checking paper patterns

Material required: cotton muslin 0,6-0,7m

Princess bodice draping Couture draping online course
Princess dresses in fashion_Fashion draping basics course by Elena Ryleeva
Princess bodice in fashion_Fashion draping basice online course by Elena Ryleeva
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