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Basic bodice draping
Fashion Draping Basics

Basic bodice block is one of the major pattern set in your pattern library, so it is important
to have it generated with utmost accuracy and precision. Draping skills will help you to
make the bodice block utterly accurate and verified on a dress form which is basically a
prototype of a human body. You will not need a lot of calculations to draft the pattern, but
instead you will learn how to manipulate the piece of fabric on a dress form to achieve the

Watching our video instructions you will learn how to measure and prepare the fabric
pieces using the guidelines of the dress forms, learn about the concept of ease, how to
locate and create the darts while working with fabric pieces. At the end of the draping
process you learn how to mark the fabric and transfer the drape onto paper to produce
perfect paper patterns - basic bodice block.


  • 9 detailed video-lessons

  • More then 2.5-hour record

  • Assignment with tutor communication & feedback

  • Certification



The content of 9 video lessons

Preparing fabric piece for draping the back
Preparing fabric piece for draping the front
Draping and marking the back piece
Draping and marking the front piece
Trueing the back
Trueing the front piece
Verifying the bodice
Creating back' paper patterns
Creating front' paper patterns

Material required: cotton muslin, 0,6- 0,7m

Price: 530 $USD

Bodice bodice draping Couture draping online course
Basic bodice block pattern_Fashion draping basics course by Elena Ryleeva
Basic block_Fashion draping basics
Pattern library_Fashion draping basics online course by Elena Ryleeva

What is Pattern Library?

Pattern library is a collection of clothing patterns that is developed by fashion designer throughout her/his work. It starts from the basic blocks - bodice, skirt, dress(torso), sleeve, some collars and then grows further by adding new clothing patterns achieved by either 2D pattern-making or moulage techniques. Pattern library reflects the designer' approaches to design thus often revealing her/his signature style creative tools

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