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Kimono Blouse | Zero-waste clothing

Zero-waste kimono blouse
"Five rectangles" kimono blouse
Kimono blouse without leftover

This zero-waste garment is literally constructed from five rectangles. The idea that inspired the creation of this design was a simplicity and feasibility of kimono, though we altered it into a blouse. Kimono Blouse is one-size-fits-most, it is loose and wide enough to make you perfectly relaxed.

The Kimono blouse features voluminous garment shape, low roomy armhole, long wide sleeve, wide kimono-style collar-placket and hemline which is straight and shorter at the back and long and uneven at the front.


DIY Kimono Blouse (patterns, tutorials), Price: 25 $

The PDF file is accompanied by a video showing the assemblage process

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