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Kimono Shirt

Kimono shirt zero-waste design
Kimono shirt zero-waste design tutorials
Kimono shirt details zero-waste design
zero-waste design Kimono shirt
Zero-waste design tutorials

Kimono Shirt  is a great addition to everyone’s wardrobe. It is an everlasting piece in the closet. Whether you're wearing it out on the weekend or some festive occasions this blouse is the perfect summer piece. The kimono shirt/blouse made of printed silk satin would be a great component of  the evening wear outfit, worn with a pencil skirt, trousers or a singlet dress. This piece is a part of our Zero-Waste capsule collection "Kimono Doorway". A loose relaxed fit ensure ultimate comfort, so the patterns may be used also for the lounge wear. In this case you might want to pair it with EWST wrap origami trousers. Check them out!

DIY Kimono Shirt Price: 44 $

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