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 Kimono Cape-Coat "Balance" | Zero-waste clothing

Kimono Cape Coat
EWST Kimono Cape Coat
Kimono Cape Coat Front
EWST Kimono Cape-Dressform view
Kimono Cape Coat Detail
EWST Kimono Cloak

DIY's content is a full technical description with cutting and making instructions plus additional video related to the project

The idea that inspired the creation of this design was a simplicity of kimono cut, though we altered it into a roomy cape that falls loosely over the shoulders; wide sleeves, the reminders of initial kimono idea made the cape into a cape-coat. The cape-coat is made from a single piece of fabric without any scrap left over, as we persistently follow our research into Zero-Waste technologies.
Kimono Coat is a must-have in your wardrobe as it suits many occasions to wear. You can wear it with trousers, jeans, any casual wear, however it is also suitable to complement a fancy outfit. Fits to different body types as well.

Our Kimono Coat is easy to manufacture. This is a one-weekend project for experienced maker and it takes a bit longer for the beginner. Select neutral colour fabric of high quality and make a garment that will stay with you forever and you will always look trendy and chic!


Skills Level: all levels, including the "beginner"

DIY Kimono Cape-Coat + related video, Price: 25 $

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