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Kimono Cape Coat "Tartan"

kimono-coat  tartan zero-waste design tutorials
Zero-waste Kimono cape coat macro-pocket
Tartan cape coat zero-waste design
Zero-waste design Kimono Cape Coat  & pocket-bag
Zero-waste Kimono cape coat tartan

Capes are trendy fashion piece that is perfect choice for woman who wants to feel comfortable and warm and still look stylish and trendy.


Select tartan fabric in dazzling colors and you will look fabulous and feel revitalized!


The idea that inspired the creation of this design was a simplicity and feasibility of kimono, though we altered it into a roomy cape that falls loosely over the shoulders. The coat features two-layers collar-scarf which is draped beautifully around the neck and works somehow as a fastener. The macro-pocket worn as a bag is complementing the casual look. The garment is made from a single piece of fabric without any scrap left over.Despite its stylish look our Kimono cape coat is easy to manufacture, It is a one-weekend project for experienced maker and it takes a bit longer for the beginner.


Full technical description comprises 27 pages with more then 50 photos.


 DIY Kimono Cape-Coat "Tartan" + related video, Price: 53 $

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