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Side Pleat Skirt

Fashion Draping Intermediate

The side pleat skirt is inspired and informed by Vivienne Westwood approaches to design. This asymmetrical skirt has a “peplum-like” 3D pleat on one side which provides the hips extension and the use of striped fabric adds more sophisticated look. The construction of the skirt achieved through draping allows to escape the front waist darts.
In this course besides of learning the draping method  you will also lean how to work/cut the striped fabric to match wide stripes and retain the size of the stripes so that the skirt’ seams are not obvious and do not destroy the look.
In order to control the desired style the front is draped directly from the fabric while the back patterns are achieved through draping with muslin. Subsequently these patterns are used to cut the back details.

  • 3 months access to the video-lessons

  • More than 1 hour of lessons record

  • 2 lessons of "Basic Skirt draping"

  • Tutor support and feedback

  • Certification  

Lessons content:


Draping the front

Marking the front

Creating pattern for the front

Draping the the back

Creating pattern for the back

Cutting fabric&matching stripes

Price: 135 $USD

Price: 440 $USD

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