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Wrap-Around Tulip Skirt

Zero-waste Wrap around tulip skirt
Wrap cawl skirt zero-waste design
Wrap around zero-waste skirt
Wrap tulip skirt front_zero-waste design
Tulip Skirt Side_zero-waste design tutorials
Reversible wrap around skirt_zero-waste design
Zero-waste design WrapTulip skirt fabric textures
Wrap around cowl skirt zero-waste design tutorials

Reversible wrap-around skirt with one side made of water&wind-proof black polyester fabric, while the other side is made of soft polyester fake shammy leather, brown colour. Perfect warm winter clothing which can be worn with short coat or jacket.
Smart Zero-waste design. Gathers, manufactured on zigzag-like waistline create uneven hemline and marvellous tulip shape with moving waves on the surface while in motion


DIY Wrap around Cowl (Tulip) Skirt, Price: 53 $

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