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Tibetan Chuba Skirt

Zero-waste design Tibetan Chuba skirt
Chuba skirt zero-waste design
Tibetan Chuba skirt back_zero-waste design
Tibetan Chuba skirt side_zero-waste design
Tibetan Chuba skirt zero-waste design tutorials
Zero-waste Tibetan Chuba skirt

This zero-waste project is a part of our "absolute simplicity" series, where all patterns have simple geometric shapes - squares & rectangles. The skirt is made of two pieces of fabric (rectangles) stitched together on the sides in the upper part of a skirt, leaving the space for the skirt “entrance”. Attached wide ties, wrapped around the waist fix the skirt on the body. Being inspired by sustainability of ethnic, traditional clothing, where every single piece of fabric, even the smallest one is used in garment production, which is a perfect example of nowadays Zero-Waste approach to design, we developed our version of "chuba"(chupa) skirt. Chuba is national traditional dress of Tibet.The document also provides some valuable insight into traditional Tibetan clothing


DIY Tibetan Chuba Skirt,  Price: 44 $

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