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Cowl Skirts draping
Fashion Draping Intermediate

A cowl skirt is a skirt with hanging draped folds on one (asymmetrical) or both sides (symmetrical) creating the effect of extended hips. The draping method of working on cowl skirt has big advantages as you do not need to plan the amount of folds, the depth of them but you rather explore the shape observing your work and fabricate, construct, arrange the folds, decide on the amount of pleats/folds to your taste and liking.
In this course Elena shows the draping of two types of cowl skirts - one of moderate shape and another one (origami skirt) with considerable hips extension, more structured and of almost round shape.


  • 3 months access to the video-lessons

  • More than hour of lessons record

  • 2 lessons of "Basic Skirt draping"

  • Tutor support and feedback

  • Certification  

Lessons content:

Draping/designing cowl skirt
Marking the cowl skirt
Creating patterns for the cowl skirt
Draping/designing origami skirt
Marking origami skirt
Creating origami skirt patterns

Price: 135 $USD

Cowl skirts draping Couture draping online course
Cowl skirts in fashion_Intermediate draping by Elena Ryleeva
Cowl skirt Fashion draping intermediate by Elena Ryleeva
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