EWST fashionlab 

Sustainable Fashion Design Training & Research Center

EWST fashionlab provides Intensive Exploratory Fashion Workshops that interactively involve participants into skills learning combined with introduction to sustainable thinking


EWST fashionlab creates Zero-Waste clothing, and offers DIY Zero-Waste design tutorials.


In all our projects we encourage creativity and Art practices as ultimate engine of all changes and new possibilities

EWST fashionlab Zero-Waste Fashion Manifesto

• Undertake Zero-Waste as a philosophy re-shaping architecture of conscious

• Change of education - given priority to Zero-Waste based sustainable thinking and practice

• Re-introducing skills based learning

• Prioritize Zero-Waste design, zero-waste production, zero-waste textile, and zero-waste consumer experience

• Apparel should be transformed into the knowledge distributor through the workshops, library facilities, films/videos screening, seminars, and lectures

• The ultimate goal is to make Zero-Waste Fashion a driven force for the systemic transformation of Fashion Industry


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